Finding Gold on the streets vs Discovering a GoldMine

There’s a famous Chinese quote that comes to my mind while I’m thinking on how to start writing this article –

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Yes, that’s right. You probably would have come across this particular quote a lot of times in your life, but to have experienced something like it, is a different feeling all together.

A client, Kapital Data Corp, leveraged our own Madgigs Platform to make staffing businesses worth $500,000 in ONE MONTH. Think that is a win for us? HELL YES! Read on to find out how it happened –

If you are an IT recruiter screening hundreds of resumes every day & have ever dreamt of having your very own staffing business, let me tell you something – you are at the right place at the right time. If you are aware of our Referral Program, skip through the video onto the next section of this article. Others, I recommend you spend 3 minutes to find out what it is about:

Okay, now I’m assuming that you folks are aware of the program. But, how does it even relate to starting your own venture you ask? Well, this is what we consider the difference between finding Gold on the streets vs discovering a GoldMine. You, my friend, discovered a GoldMine just sitting there calling out your name. Yes, go grab it!

Madgigs is a one of its kind, Staffing Incubator for Startups. We believe that for a successful business venture, you need the right amount of experience along with a good handholding. We provide both. Get ready for a disruptive change in the way people look at Staffing Businesses. This is your chance to be part of it, explore it, & start your own Business venture with several opportunities (tailor-made gigs) to get you off to a flying start, all free of cost.

But how does one qualify for this?

We have started a staffing bootcamp this year which requires you to submit 1000 resume to all the open jobs on our platform! For the time & effort you put in to refer 1000 candidates, you get to make more money off your free time. So, this bootcamp is actually about earning more money AND qualifying for our accelerator program.

Here’s what you do – just two simple steps:

Register here.
Go to the “Referrals” section of your profile and start referring people.
Benefits of referring people –

You earn $1 for candidate you refer to an open job.
You earn another $1 if that candidate applies to the job.
You earn the 75% of the referral bonus ( min $200 to max $20,000 ) if the candidate who you refer gets hired!
That’s crazy, am I right? For 1,000 referrals with a conversion rate of JUST 25% and a success rate of JUST 5%, you have earned ~ $4,000.

Conversion Rate: Number of people who apply to the job/number of people you refer * 100

Success Rate: Number of people who get the job/number of people you refer * 100

Earning $4,000 part-time and also winning a chance to start off your own business, with ZERO investment, all just by signing up with Madgigs? Probably the most incredible thing I have ever come across!
Boy, how I wish I were an IT recruiter!

So, what are you waiting for folks?


Thank you,